Friday, 16 September 2011

Homemade Table Tent

I saw the idea for this recently on the internet and really wanted to give it a try.  Then last week at a church activity we had a swap table where there was a pink double flat bed sheet up for grabs, and grab it I did!  With this in mind for it...

I started by cutting two strips that were wide enough to match the height of the table, plus about 30cm, just to be sure of seam allowances and also the little bit extra that where it sits on top of the table.  I really wanted to make sure it definitely touched the floor, without any gaps.  The length of the strips didn't matter too much - if two strips didn't fit round, I'd just add more panels.  As it was, cutting it out of the double sheet gave me 2 lengths of approx 2m.  My table is about 3m in diameter, so this was pretty much a perfect fit to allow some gathering, making it a bit more adjustable and versatile.

Double sheet folded in half ready to cut the panels
The great thing about making it from a bed sheet was that most of the edges didn't need hemming :D  So I just made a little turn over at the top to push the ties through.  I had plenty of fabric, so made ties from thin strips sewn together and turned inside out.
The kids try it out at the end of this first stage
Now came the more fun bits.  Windows were a must for me and I really wanted to put plastic in them - I had some from old bedding packaging.  I made the frame much like you would if it were a wooden frame - 4 strips, sewn together at the corners at a 45 degree angle.  Then a bit extra left on each side to be able to fold over in the middle and sew on the other side to edge the window nicely.  I would strongly recommend you sew the window frame on before cutting out the window.  I cut out the window first on the first one and it was quite hard to hold the frame in the right place while sewing and stop it from skewing.  Then sew on the plastic bit on the back.  I got the fabric for the window frame from a skirt I cut up (again from a swap table).
Window 1 - The packaging had a little pocket in it, which I left for them to put their own decorations in.

Window 2

Zach and Tilly give it a go while I'm checking it over.
Next came the door.  Fabric taken from another skirt from the swap table.  Simply cut strips out and sewed them on.

Enjoying their semi-finished tent :)
Although it's pretty much done for now, I do have in mind to add some more decorations using applique - something like flowers or maybe a mail box, depending on how creative I get!  But that will come later, when I have another urge to get the sewing machine out.  For now, it's finished.

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